A quantum leap for Entrepreneur/Financier community building and matchmaking

Deliver unique business advantages to your members and clients. Our easy-to-use, server-based, multiple choice business plan and due diligence platform creates powerful connections.

- Provide a safe, secure environment in which network members feel comfortable connecting and communicating to the investors they so desperately need.

- Investors and lenders appreciate the standardized, transparent disclosure in our SBA and GAAP compliant reporting system and the ability for screening and review using their own criteria.

- Increase long-term member engagement and retention by providing an essential and ongoing service.

- FR allows access to up-to-the-minute relevant information, knowledge and expertise, while maintaining the high levels of security and privacy that your organization demands.

- Funding Roadmap’s solution, combining leading-edge technology built within a secure, scalable and flexible infrastructure, provides a solid foundation on which to present your entrepreneurial members’ startup dreams to the funding sources within your membership, and access to those non-members qualified by the entrepreneurs.

- Funding Roadmap gives your members control over who may access their reporting system, and what information they can see and/or contribute. See if FR isn’t the perfect compliment to many of the great features you already offer within your community.

Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard guides network operators through the initial setup and launch of their Funding Roadmap License on their social network. Network Operators etablish basic settings, pick the basic elements for their site, and perform routine tasks within their existing administration system.

Content / User Mediation

Network Operators are able to warn, suspend, and remove offending users and content from their sites, as built into the platform control panel.

The Funding Roadmap is the first compliant online business plan and due diligence reporting system platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for an online solution. As a turn-key licensable platform, the Funding Roadmap is positioned to become the new industry standard.

As the US and other economies continue to look for solutions to stimulate and reboot economic activity, the founders and creators of the Funding Roadmap have created a standardized, transparent system to accelerate the credit, investing and loan approval processes for new and emerging small businesses.

This program makes traditional template and narrative based business plans obsolete, and takes the process of education, development, collaboration, selection, analysis, due diligence, and closing into the digital age.

Incorporate the Funding Roadmap on your social network and watch the resulting explosion of networked productivity, creativity and, most importantly, the funding of more compliant and successful companies.

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