A Funding Roadmap License provides the perfect tool for bankers looking to better serve the needs of their small business customers, dramatically streamline the loan approval process, and enhance the banking experience.

Licensing program for Banks: Funding Roadmap will be licensed to banks and other funding institutions with existing or intended online lending capabilities. The online banking function will allow loan officers to collaborate with, and in some cases mentor entrepreneurs to create viable business situations. Loan applications can be fast-tracked, with due diligence screening going on even before the plan is made final. The advantage to bankers is obvious: rapid rises in efficiency, productivity, reliability and reducing costs across the board.

The new Funding Roadmap platform will streamline the lending and/or funding process and provide a standardized application and due diligence screening process. Its speeds data processes, enabling improved customer loan approval response times, and replaces costly paper-based work flows into an electronic platform with GAAP compliant financial statements that an entire organization can review electronically online from anywhere in the world. It will allow banks and other funding sources to store searchable volumes of standardized business plans and financial statements into accessible electronic files on their own servers for quick and easy retrieval.

Our design and content meet structure and disclosure compliance requirements for due diligence. This includes a careful assessment of the management team, the business model, the value proposition, the distribution strategy, the intellectual property, the financial strategy and capital requirements, and the legal structure and records of the company, to name just a few. We believe that starting the due diligence process from the beginning should make business owners more aware of their competitive posture and matters of compliance and disclosure, which might otherwise cause them to falter if not addressed early on in their development.

Converting to the Funding Roadmap system will dramatically change the economic landscape, help stimulate sound economic growth and get much needed capital into the hands of more compliant and successful companies.

Our turn-key program will help you build deeper relationships with your customers and help attract new ones,too! Plus,a Funding Roadmap Master License offers added value to your website as well as revenue sharing opportunities to you.

Now is the time to take advantage of the benefits Funding Roadmap can offer to you and your customers.

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