How it works for entrepreneurs and small business owners:

1. You purchase a subscription on for $59.95 a year and, if you wish, display a snapshot description of your business ideas and capital needs in our online posting marketplace on our site. This area is viewable to pre-registered investors, bankers and lenders. Interested viewers can contact you through a blind e-mail request. Then the subscriber can communicate freely with reviewers and if desired, allow them access to their Funding Roadmap Report by way of a unique user name and password. We do not provide any further involvement in the process and do not collect any fees or commissions or fund transfers, and we are not responsible for the validity of the funding source.

2. You go to other angel groups, venture capital, social networks, bankers and lenders or future Funding Roadmap providers’ web sites and you do one of two things ….you either invite their capital providers to review your FR presentation in our online posting market place or, if they are a Funding Roadmap licensing partner distributor and you don’t have a subscription on our site, you can choose to register a copy and have it located and posted on their web site and gain the added value of their other features and benefits within their online community. Either way you will have a secure online presentation accessible from anywhere in the world for review when the opportunity arises.

Whether your venture is a start-up or existing business, and its licensing partners offer the perfect platform for entrepreneurs seeking capital, and we make it possible for individuals and businesses to not only market their project to investors, bankers and lenders but improve their chances of getting funded with our online standardized multiple choice business plan and due diligence reporting system.

As a Funding Roadmap subscriber, you will be able to market your venture to capital providers using our patent pending multiple choice format, text, pictures and/or streaming video and know that if filled out completely and correctly, using our compliance checker, you will have your information in the most cutting edge system available anywhere in the world and you will be prepared for the new age of transparency, due diligence and disclosure in the changing economic landscape.

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How it works for capital providers:

1. Investors, bankers and lenders can find dynamic local, regional or worldwide investment opportunities simply by using our database search tool. Registration allows investors to directly contact via blind email entrepreneurs who have posted their business proposals and capital needs on the Funding Roadmap online posting market place.

2. Investors, bankers and lenders and any other capital provider, service provider or funding match-making company can become a master licensing partner.

For more information see our Master Licensing Partner Program Section.

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