Funding Roadmap Company overview

The patent pending Funding Roadmap was created by an experienced and successful life long entrepreneur, and veteran investment banker, with over twenty years of experience in investment banking, corporate venture financing, securities trading, accounting and financial analysis.The need for the product and the idea came about after the Dot Com crash of 2001, and has evolved over the years as technology has changed to become more adaptable to our vision of online business plan and due diligence reporting, and leveling the playing field for access to capital for everyone.

The extensive content, format and structure of the software is derived solely from knowledge, and professional experience in business development; most notably, from negotiating and preparing venture funding proposals, preparing business plans and other supplemental reports including due diligence reports for the benefit of investor contacts, and prepping company principals for management reviews. We continually conduct the necessary research to ensure that this content knowledge stays updated to reflect current industry practices and guidelines, regulatory compliance and financing marketplace issues.

The Funding Roadmap™ is an electronic business plan and due diligence reporting system set to create a new industry standard in online server-based business plan and Due diligence reporting, and streamline the deal closing process. As we take our product to the next level we will revolutionize the way those involved in preparing and reviewing entrepreneurial-level venture financing and loan proposals, present information, search, screen, and store this information.

MORE INFORMATION: If you are interested in investing in Unismart Capital Software Inc or would like more information on the principals. Please contact CEO Ruth E. Hedges at 877-780-8955 or e-mail us at [email protected]