Funding Roadmap software features

Software Features - tools that actually work
  • Intelligent software guides you to smarter business planning, and enables faster execution of those plans
  • Easy self calculating GAAP Compliant financial's
  • Online access connects you to funding sources anytime from anywhere
  • Creates an SBA-compliant report for investors and lenders
  • Develop and perfect your vision and save thousands along the way
  • Multiple-choice options for standardized data
  • Hyper linking from Table of Contents speeds review process
  • Live document evolves with your progress
  • Greater visibility with online exposure
  • Built and reviewed in the clouds so you can lower your carbon foot print right from the start
  • The perfect pre-qualifier and closer all in the same platform
  • Our Marketplace levels the playing field for access to capital
  • Video elevator pitch brings your story to life
Benefits - Collaborate and strategize
The Funding Roadmap is not just useful for obtaining financing. A carefully considered plan can serve as a veritable road map to success for a business owner and your company employees. It can help everyone stay on course while striving to achieve goals. It can be reviewed and revised when necessary, allowing those operating a business to keep the strategies that work, eliminate those that don’t, and change objectives as the business evolves.
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Listen to what our clients have to say
“WOW! (This) platform is a start-up entrepreneur’s best friend (for) writing a solid business plan. The easy-to-use application guides the user through all the required components … and serves as a knowledge base on topics that a novice may not be aware of…”

Kimberly Chinander CEO
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Who should use the Funding Roadmap?
Anybody beginning or extending a venture that will consume significant resources of time and money and is expected to return a profit, should take the time to build a Funding Roadmap. It’s a mistake to think that only cash-starved startups need business plans. Business owners find...
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