Funding Roadmap FAQ


What is the Funding Roadmap? The Funding Roadmap is a state-of-the-art electronic business plan and due diligence reporting system offered as an online application subscription (versus a static download) and accessible through a network server. This unique report is completed and reviewed in electronic format by the reporting company and reviewing party respectively, eliminating the time consuming tasks of sifting through unwanted data, transposing selected data for further analysis, allowing physical space for storage of other nuances of handling static paper reports.

What is the Funding Roadmap for? The Funding Roadmap is for entrepreneurs, with startup or existing business operations, who are in the marketplace for bank and venture funding and need an impeccable presentation to state their case in a standardized electronic format that is quick for them complete as well as quick for the lenders/bankers/investors to review and make an objective funding decision. The Funding Roadmap is also for lenders/bankers/investors who are in the marketplace for sound venture financing deals who need the added capacity of making quicker evaluations made possible by a system that streamlines comprehensive-level due diligence procedure without the associated consumption of time typically involved.

I already have a business plan. Why do I need Funding Roadmap? Have you achieved your aims with your conventional plan, successfully funding your business? Funding Roadmap transforms your static document into an online reporting system. We offer a universal standardized platform where you can collaborate with your partners and advisors, track your business progress, complete and make changes and updates at any time. Most importantly, you can share this interactive, navigable document with funders worldwide at will.

Who should use the Funding Roadmap ? Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small businesses, Bankers, Business Brokers, Franchisees, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors, Lawyers, Accountants, Coaches, Loan Officers, Micro Lenders, Merchant Bankers, Business School Teachers and Students, SBA, SBDC, and SCORE, Networking Organizations, Social Networks, Fund Raising Networks and of course, YOU.

What problems does the Funding Roadmap solve?

For the Entrepreneur, Funding Roadmap solves the following problems:

The Funding Roadmap enables the reporting company to complete the report much faster that a traditional business plan because it eliminates a lot of narrative writing with multiple choice menus and eliminates redundant entries by using data links to enter data wherever else it might apply. The Funding Roadmap enables the reporting company to educate themselves about the business planning process as they fill out the plan to keep them guided in the right direction on issues concerning regulatory compliance and sound business practice.

For the Lender/Investor, the Funding Roadmap solves the following problems:

The Funding Roadmap trumps traditional business plans by making them much faster for reviewers to navigate through and quickly filter the answers to their top priority questions needed to screen funding candidates. The Funding Roadmap ensures that all reviewers will be able to find the same thing in the same place all the time. This feature is made possible by standardization through a numerical indexing system that classifies all sections and line items included in the business plan and due diligence reports.

Why should I use the Funding Roadmap?In their traditional form, business plans as a funding presentational tool have become obsolete because they take too long for the reviewing funder to digest information when making a funding decision. Use of the Funding Roadmap cuts the due diligence procedure by at least half of the usual time. No other platform offers lenders or investors the luxury of streamlining their due diligence into an expedited procedure by having the entrepreneur complete the due diligence report. After this report is completed the lender/investor has an array of navigational tools such as lightning-fast hyper linked indexing back and forth between the of contents and the body of the report that allow for the expeditious review of the entire report or designated sections of it in any order of priority set by the reviewer. These features cut down evaluation time and are what can help you get funded faster. As an entrepreneur you should use the Funding Roadmap to create a thorough and compliant presentation without weighing it down with non-essential detail. Quick, intuitive navigation enhances the reviewers™ ability to digest chosen materials to speed their evaluation and funding decision. As a lender/investor you should use the Funding Roadmap because you have so many funding projects to review only so little time to do it in and at the same time you do not want to risk missing out on any diamonds in the rough out of haste and time constraints.

How does the Funding Roadmap work? How do I use it? Using the Funding Roadmap is as simple as entering or selecting multiple-choice data and saving your changes to be submitted later in the final completed report. To use the Funding Roadmap simply compile all of your company information and answer the easy to complete questionnaire. This questionnaire produces a master-report subdivided into four (4) sub-reports classified as an Executive Summary, Business Plan, Due Diligence report and Numerical Summaries report. Once completed and previewed you can then sent this interactive report electronically to the reviewer of your choice whether it be to have it critiqued for improvement or to apply for bank loans / venture funding. About half of the questions asked can be answered by selecting multiple choice selections from drop-down menus which will include a list of the only possible right answers, and there is no redundancy so you will never have to make the same entry more than once. This saves you a lot of time and helps to break the inhibiting cycle of writers block that makes business plan writing a tedious and dreaded task. Also there are no calculations to perform as all of this is done automatically from a smart arrangement of linked financial spreadsheets.

Is there an off line version or one I can download? No, you simply sign up and login from a current web browser. The Funding Roadmap Business plan and due diligence reporting system is an online tool that you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Funding Roadmap has been built so users can benefit from the security of online storage, and the convenience of real time collaboration and global accessibility.

Why can’t I just print the final report instead of submit it electronically?
You can print the report if you wish, but the utility of the electronic report is what allows you to complete it quickly and is what allows a reviewer to evaluate its contents in record time. The whole thing is about conserving time without compromising the quality and comprehensive nature of the report which is of central importance in making a funding decision. The technology of speedy electronic navigation, automated analysis, and electronic submission to a network of reviewers is what makes this software solution unique and proprietary. If you want to print the report, longer narrative sections must be copied over to a Word document first. Other sections of the report can be printed directly from the document. What you see is what will print.

What kind of computer knowledge do I need to use the Funding Roadmap? You do not need any advanced or special computer knowledge to use the Funding Roadmap. But it would be helpful if you had a basic understanding of moving around in a Windows operating system environment. Use of the software component involves pointing & clicking, scrolling up and down the pages and entering data in fields open for editing. There are simple instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Knowledge of and familiarity with any computer application programs are not required.

What browsers does the Funding Roadmap support? The Funding Roadmap supports all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, Netscape 6.0 and higher, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

How much does the Funding Roadmap cost? The Funding Roadmap is made available to Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners via a End-User License Agreement (EULA) at an introductory subscription rate of $59.95 for a 12 month subscription, renewable yearly.. The Funding Roadmap is made available to Distributors via a Master Distributor License Agreement (MDLA) at a subscription rate which shall be determined upon discussions with a Funding Roadmap representative via its creators, Unismart Capital Software, Inc. Please contact a company representative for more details and further specific information.

Is my confidential information private and secure? Yes, your privacy and confidential information is absolutely protected from disclosure to any outside parties. The only proprietary information you must disclose to us is data necessary to initiate your registration as a subscriber to our online software solution. We will not disclose any confidential information about you or your company to anyone. read our privacy policy -. Only at your option will we list your company on a networking database if you expressly state to us that you are interested in such sources of financing or consultation in association with your quest for pursing venture financing or business loan solutions. Access to The Funding Roadmap is protected via a user name and password. Once you successfully login to the Funding Roadmap you can access your private reporting system. Our hosting facility offers full 24—7 operational monitoring and systems administration services. We are also careful to verify access to each section of the site and software, so only the people you intend to see your platform will see it.

Can I Cancel at any time?
Yes, it is easy to subscribe and easy to cancel. Your data will be deleted so we do not recommend this unless you are totally sure. If you no longer want to use the Funding Roadmap, just go into Settings at the top of the screen, click on My Account, then Cancel my Funding Roadmap Account from Your Payment Method.