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Funding Roadmap is a truly innovative and long overdue business planning solution. Everyone looking at getting real deals done should use it. A great product.”

Alicia Castillo Holley MBA
Entrepreneur and former venture capital manager

“I love to see forward progress, creative ideation-in-action, and dogged determination that makes things happen. That is Ruth. is excellent and will only get better.”

Bruce Camber , executive producer,
Small Business School, Inc.

“Here is an awesome way to collaborate with your peers while aligning your strategy, setting goals and finalizing your vision. We all know the conventional business plan is outdated, so check out this great new (and way more productive) tool.”

Marc Nager and Clint Nelsen

Executives for Start Up Weekend

WOW! This software is a start up entrepreneur’s best friend when it comes to writing a solid business plan. The easy to use application guides the user through all the required components such as, due diligence, AND serves as a knowledge base on topics that a novice may not be aware of, for instance, types of required insurance policies and coverage. The next WOW is Ruth herself! She is a passionate, dynamic woman who really believes in her personal path and how she can inspire others to achieve their dreams just as she has!”

Kimberly Chinander CEO

Funding Roadmap is a win/win situation for everyone involved that can bring about tremendous cost savings, greater transparency while improving funding rates for entrepreneurs/businesses and opening the door to the global financing and investment pool. I’d say it’s the right product, at the right time for our time!

JJ Smithy
The National Dialogue

The Funding Roadmap is very easy to use. We’re almost complete with very few man-hours, and our lawyer and accountant haven’t needed to spend much time. The pull-down menus and multiple choice simplify the choices that might not otherwise seem so simple or obvious. Now we’re working on our elevator pitch. I never thought I would think such a process could actually be enjoyable.

Tim Kitz
Child Care Media Inc

There is the current belief that American innovation is what’s going to get us out of this recession (and) this product is innovation at its finest. It’s well thought out, capable and ready to take advantage of national and international financing needs. A great product.

Tiffany M.
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Reinventing the Business Plan, Funding Roadmap Sets a New Industry Standard in the Clouds.
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