As a master license holder of the Funding Roadmap Business Plan and Due diligence reporting system you will: Discover new ways to maximize your profitability by creating a closer relationship with the small business community, the main driver of the American economy. Expand your social network, increase your opportunities, and if you are a capital source, fund more deals—faster. Support your customers more effectively with an online deal flow platform. Build a solid strategy to enable long-term growth using a product that solves real-world business funding challenges.

Build Alliances, Discover Opportunities

Strong relationships can deliver even stronger business results. As we build our worldwide network of Funding Roadmap Licensing Partners, they can help you broaden your strategic alliances with others whose solutions complement your own. Becoming a licensing partner will allow you to explore new opportunities and to connect with thousands of other partners, industry experts and lending and VC /Angel executives. Discover new clients through the exclusive database of Funding Roadmap license holders. The Funding Roadmap Program also offers you information to our community resources partners’ websites —including blogs, news groups, and forums— that can help you cultivate relationships with your peers and share ideas and best practices.

Increase Your Profitability and Business Performance

When you become a Licensing Partner of the FRMAP technology you can take advantage of the marketing opportunities created by our unique technology. Be on the ground floor during the creation of a new industry standard in business plan and due diligence reporting. Be involved in the transformation of the funding equation that heightens efficiencies, transparency and access. Profit while levelling the playing field to access-to-capital world wide.

By providing a subscription of the FRMAP to your members/ clients/ prospective investment partners, you are providing them with a platform to refine their business strategies, to develop innovative sales and marketing solutions, to set their profitability course, and get funded faster…. like no other product can do.

Provide targeted search features. Make a frustrating process faster and easier and protect your clients’ vital information for the life of their company. Entrepreneurs require professional service providers, such as lawyers, accountants, researchers, developers, and our future social FRMAP licensing partner network will help them find those people and resources.

Discover new deal flows. Manage your deal flows online. Collaborate on investments. Monitor financial performance.

FRMAP’s innovative technologies provide the foundation for you to deliver the solutions and services the marketplace demands and makes you stand out from your competition.

Reaching new customers doesn’t have to be difficult. As a member of the Funding Roadmap Licensing Partner Program, you can promote your offerings to prospective customers who will be searching Funding every month for funding sources and experts like you. Take advantage of the momentum created by Funding Roadmap customer campaigns by using customizable marketing materials—including e-mail messages, and collateral —to help you attract new customers.

Enroll in the Funding Roadmap Licensing Partner Program today to continue along the road to greater profitability.

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