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The right kind of relationships
Funding Roadmap Partners
Why you’ll love the
Funding Roadmap
Transform your dream into reality with our easy step-by-step process that builds confidence as well as compliance. It’s not just a roadmap –it’s a launch pad.
  • Intelligent multiple choice platform does much of the work.
  • Server-based “cloud” increases exposure to funding opportunities, and easy collaboration.
  • Video elevator pitch.”A picture speaks a thousand words”
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Giving Direction to Innovation and Entrepreneurial dreams.
Replaces static business plans with an instantly sharable simple to use, eco-friendly online platform. Helps you contribute to a reality-based economic recovery where great ideas well executed create an expanding yet sustainable prosperity worldwide

Take that first step into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship and become your own boss. Visit to learn how automated trading apps help young entrepreneurs carry out their trade easily saving time and efforts.
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Listen to what our
clients have to say
“I highly recommend that you explore the Funding Roadmap. It is simple to use and this interactive platform is an impressive business planning resource. Alternately, you can visit to learn some expert suggestions on trading cryptocurrency. Once in place, the tool is invaluable to use for ongoing business insight. This is the best resource I know to tell your business story to an investor or anyone with whom you want to share your vision and enable others to appreciate the potential of your venture.”

Doug Wilson Co-author of Essentials of Entrepreneurship
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Who should use the
Funding Roadmap
Anybody beginning or extending a venture that will consume significant resources of time and money and is expected to return a profit, should take the time to build a Funding Roadmap. It's a mistake to think that only cash-starved startups need business plans.

The Beating Heart of a Vibrant Economy. We believe entrepreneurs in the start-up world can help drive positive change for everyone. Entrepreneurship is the beating heart of a vibrant economy.
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