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Strong relationships can deliver even stronger business results. As we build our worldwide network of Funding Roadmap Licensing Partners, they can help you broaden your strategic alliances with others whose solutions complement your own. Becoming a licensing partner will allow you to explore new opportunities and to connect with thousands of other partners, industry experts and lending and VC /Angel executives. Discover new clients through the exclusive database of Funding Roadmap license holders. The Funding Roadmap Program also offers your information to our community resources partners’ websites —including blogs, news groups, and forums— that can help you cultivate relationships with your peers and share ideas and best practices.
The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute is focused on fostering entrepreneurship around the globe. Working with local public and private sector organizations, Cisco’s mission is to help communities and nations harness the power of entrepreneurship for economic and social prosperity. Funding Roadmap is collaborating with the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute to introduce our technology to Institute participants around the world interested in launching and expanding their businesses in the U.S.
The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) has a network of over 65 Hispanic chambers and business associations throughout the State of California. Through its network of Hispanic chambers and business association, the CHCC represents the interest of over 700,000 Hispanic business owners in California. The CHCC is the premier and largest regional ethnic business organization in the nation that promotes the economic growth and development of Hispanic entrepreneurs and California's Emerging Businesses.

"Small business owners are challenged to find effective and affordable ways to access capital and need real change in their tools and processes if they want to see measurable success," said Julian Canete CEO of the CAHCC, adding "We are pleased to partner with Unismart Capital Software to deliver their valuable Funding Roadmap technology to our members who are eager to learn and transform their business information onto a secure SBA and GAAP compliant cloud reporting system and thereby increase their chances of getting funded faster during these difficult economic times."

Funding Roadmap is a featured partner on the Intuit Small Business Community website. Intuit is the creator of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax –and so many other great products which stand as testament to their commitment to revolutionize the way people manage their small businesses and personal finances. Intuit products and services assist customers in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other locations. They remain committed as we do to creating new and easier ways for consumers and businesses to tackle life's financial chores, giving them more time to live their lives and run their businesses.You can find out more at this link and by clicking on the featured partner button on that page.
Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization SM (CEO) is the premier entrepreneurship network with chapters on university campuses across North America. Our mission is to inform, support and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. CEO's vision is to serve more than 400 colleges and universities, helping students achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and goals. With a diverse entrepreneurial community and global network, CEO provides student entrepreneurs with opportunities, events, chapter activities, and conferences to help start businesses.
As we venture into the world of crowdfunding, we are very excited to be partnering with Starting Trends because they are on the cutting edge and can bring our clients news and information to help them make this process work.

Often times the only thing standing in the way of launching a new small business or company is lack of Startup funds and a proper long term business plan, which is especially important for crowdfunding. We all know in order for a new Startup to achieve long term success it involves more than just having a brand or idea, it also requires the proper planning and guidance. Starting Trends provides all of the resources and information to help entrepreneurs get started to compliment our comprehensive and affordable technology. Together we provide new Startups with all of the essential tools and resources they need to get their company off the ground and also achieve their long term funding goals.
Try CaptureTrackConvert’s segment-based automated marketing technology. Our technology identifies your website visitors on an individual basis and nurtures their interests. CTC tracks their behavior, lists pages viewed, shows what material they have downloaded – and much more. CTC allows you to develop an extensive prospect profile, based upon each prospect’s product and service preferences. Armed with this data, you can then develop automated email marketing campaigns that are triggered based on your prospect’s interests and needs. When a prospect is provided with communications relevant to their concerns, your prospects reward your efforts with higher open rates, click-through’s and longer visits, resulting in higher ROI and escalating conversion rates.
US Merchant Systems has grown into a major national provider of merchant services having served the needs of more than 100,000 businesses throughout the US. We understand what it takes to get a new business started with the right services and products designed to maximize cash flow, while minimizing upfront and monthly costs. At USMS we've learned that an important component of our relationship with you and your success, with new business merchant services, revolves around the level of information available to you. Therefore we're committed to providing you with the best small business merchant education available to ensure success in your new endeavor. Our full suite of customizable merchant services applies to nearly every new business imaginable, whether e-commerce, retail, medical, professional, business to business and more, and is perfect for Funding Roadmap clients.
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We all know the value good credit is to accessing capital from a bank or lender and are pleased Experian a global leader has chosen to partner with us, so we can offer our clients this critical information which helps businesses manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Experian's Smart Business Reports offer small-business owners and professionals an easy and economical way to obtain business credit reports online to help monitor the health of their own business, or make insightful decisions about prospective business partners and customers. Understanding your credit information is a critical piece to your success before and during the lending process, along with a completed Funding Roadmap.

Experian provides access to business credit information on more than 27 million businesses securely within seconds. Reports can be purchased online at anytime for any reason, and the available reporting options provide varying levels of detail — from presenting the basic demographic facts of a business to detailed credit, payment and public record histories. Experian also offers credit monitoring packages that enable business owners to keep tabs on changes in their business credit profile. Get started here:

PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide. It's no secret that the right media coverage has the power to sell your company's image, reputation, brand, or product and help you raise capital from a mass audience of potential customers or investors in one single story. But, with so many companies and so many stories, the challenge for small to mid-sized businesses is to simply get your company noticed. One of the most effective ways to gain visibility for new innovation, the launch of your new business, your fund raising needs or successes, is to implement a targeted public relations program, which includes news release distribution. FundingRoadMap has teamed up with PR Newswire to offer our subscribers a 12-month membership to their amazing organization at no charge. This is a $195 value!! As well, save with PR Newswire by gaining access to more than $2,000 in free and discounted services!
The Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) represents America's Small Business Development Center Network -- the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories. More than one million businesses are assisted by ASBDC member programs on an annual basis. A size able number of them are in the dynamic start-up mode, while a majority are existing businesses searching for stability or planning for growth. Watch our webinar series :
LAUGHLINUSA.COM Easily incorporate a business, form an LLC or take advantage of Laughlin's entire range of incorporating services. With over 40 years in the industry and over 80,000 business entities formed, they are proud to be the oldest and most knowledgeable incorporating company in the industry. "There is no question we can’t answer, no problem we can’t solve, no obstacle we can’t overcome and no business we can’t help". Incorporate here Their Price Match Guarantee: If you find a cheaper price for the same service they will meet that price. Call to find out more! 1-888-273-8152.™ gives CPAs an easy way to establish an internet presence by building and marketing an online nationwide directory of is the only national public directory of the CPA Profession. We are very excited to be partnering with them to bring the Funding Roadmap to CPA's and their Clients Some of the national advertisers that have used their service over the past 12 months include Intuit, the Internal Revenue Service, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, NASBA, NACVA, Bisk Education, Thomson Reuters, Deloitte, Microsoft and Liberty Mutual.
Summary: Navocate® provides Business Sales and Acquisitions services for Emerging Companies with revenues up to $25M. We focus on the under-served M&A segment above business brokers, and below investment banks. Navocate® has developed M&A systems specifically for Emerging Companies, such as our proprietary Valuation Model and Project Management Process.
1800Accountant is a free on-line resource for businesses and individuals in need of accounting, tax and related financial services. Established in 1999, 1800Accountant is the original and most trusted site on the Internet for business owners and individuals to instantly find a local Certified Public Accountant.Their service to connect you with a CPA near you is completely free. All CPA's registered with 1800Accountant will provide you with a free no cost no obligation consultation and have represented in writing that they are fully licensed and in good standing with professional and governmental bodies within their jurisdiction.
The Small Business Development Center National Information Clearinghouse (SBDCNet) Marketplace is set up to meet the information needs of the SBDC community in the United States and its territories. SBDCNET serves as a resource providing timely, relevant research, web-based information, and training to SBDC counselors and their small business clients. Some of the goals of SBDCNet are to support the SBDC Counselor with research and relevant analyses and empower the entrepreneur with business information. We are honored to be included and promoted on their website. Our inclusion and promotion on their site can help more small businesses get off to a great start.
We are very excited with our strategic partnership with Start-Up Weekend, a worldwide organizer of seminars in which business leaders participate in 54-hour weekend brainstorming marathons designed to take their entrepreneurial ideas and craft them into sustainable revenue generating organizations. Start-Up Weekend attendees will have access to the Funding Roadmap’s new online platform to collaborate, develop, benchmark and showcase their ideas, vetting them against real world business situations to determine the merit of the idea and the validity of the proposed business.
Smallbiz America is an integrated new-media platform created to help entrepreneurs profit in business and prosper in life. Their world includes a 24/7 streaming radio channel, a variety of informative podcasts, blogs, forums and a marketplace for entrepreneurs.To date, listeners have listened to Smallbiz America for more than 126,000 hours in more than 70 countries and across the US.

Listen to our interview on SMALL BIZ AMERICA is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and startup companies the most up to date and relevant startup business articles, business planning products, and business plan software reviews and to help entrepreneurs start their own business. Over the years their team has helped thousands of people start their journey into business ownership.
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  • Intelligent software guides you to smarter business planning, and enables faster execution of those plans
  • Easy self calculating GAAP Compliant financial's
  • Online access connects you to funding sources anytime from anywhere
  • Creates an SBA-compliant report for investors and lenders
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Benefits - Collaborate and strategize
The Funding Roadmap is not just useful for obtaining financing. A carefully considered plan can serve as a veritable road map to success for a business owner and your company employees. It can help everyone stay on course while striving to achieve goals. It can be reviewed and revised when necessary, allowing those operating a business to keep the strategies that work, eliminate those that don’t, and change objectives as the business evolves.
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“WOW! (This) platform is a start-up entrepreneur’s best friend (for) writing a solid business plan. The easy-to-use application guides the user through all the required components … and serves as a knowledge base on topics that a novice may not be aware of…”

Kimberly Chinander CEO
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Who should use the Funding Roadmap?
Anybody beginning or extending a venture that will consume significant resources of time and money and is expected to return a profit, should take the time to build a Funding Roadmap. It’s a mistake to think that only cash-starved startups need business plans. Business owners find...
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