Small Businesses
& Start-ups
  • Come to the table confident you are fully prepared for success.
  • Create and share a credible, defensible, standardized, easy-to-use multiple choice business plan and due diligence report, online.
  • Incorporate regular updates as ideas and opportunities evolve, keeping information current and actionable.
  • Build it once -share it globally with qualified investors and lending institutions. Unique internet platform is instantly reviewable from anywhere.
  • Upload your video elevator pitch to make your best case with passion and commitment.
Banks, Lenders & Investor Groups
  • The online turn-key platform to transform your application and review process.
  • Bring transformative benefits to your site, adding value for prospective clients.
  • Due Diligence Report speeds and improves closing procedures.
  • Logically arranged, standardized and predictable format.
  • Compliant with SBA and GAAP standards.
  • Search desired loan or investment criteria.
  • Global access for everyone involved in the approval process.*
  • Host it on your server.
Social & Business Networks
  • Increase your network’s value and utility by offering your members the new standard in business plan and due diligence reporting systems.
  • Create thriving networks of successful applicants for funding and strategic partnerships.
  • Create a searchable matrix of investors and lenders based upon the standardized structure of the Funding Roadmap platform.
  • Attract new members and provide secure storage of this most critical information.
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