Startup pages are popping up all over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube. Gone are the days of writing a business plan then hoping some friend of a friend will discover you and make an investment or introduce you to an angel or VC. Today’s social media gives you a means of demonstrating market support to investors through the fans, followers, and friends who support your innovative business ideas and the developments and progress you’re making along the way. Investors are looking for a groundswell of excitement, a fan base, potential traction, and you can show it to them through Funding Roadmap.

Now you can demonstrate this support to investors in real time. With tens of thousands of twitter followers, credible linkedIn business associates or the enthusiastic comments left on your facebook page, investors can see that you have the ability to influence and inspire potential customers. The involvement of your team with other respected business leaders, mentors, and associates is reflected in social media and helps to bolster confidence among potential investors and lenders.

Helping you capitalize on the power of social media is just one the of the ways the Funding Roadmap –a web 3.0 business planning and due diligence platform on the cloud- can provide transparent information so investors and bankers can make better informed and faster funding decisions.

Networked human capital has become an asset category like any other and can be considered in the valuation of your company. We make it accessible as a click-through for our subscribers to use as part of a truly transparent and complete presentation to investors and lenders on what you have accomplished on the way to realizing your goals. By integrating these networked groups into our cloud based reporting system, reviewing investors and lenders can immediately view a company fan page, youtube video or twitter or linkedIn page as part of the discovery and due diligence process.

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