With Funding Roadmap’s reinvention of the traditional business plan, (including templates and other arbitrary structuring tools), entrepreneurs, investors and lenders are now able to work and present in a cloud-based “smart” environment to plan, collaborate, share, evaluate –and fund- their plans and ideas.

Funding Roadmap is a virtual business plan and due diligence reporting system with video streaming for elevator pitches or other information. It integrates with loan applications and is accessible anytime from anywhere. The Funding Roadmap also provides an ongoing working plan, helping entrepreneurs to run their businesses with the objectives established during the planning process, updatable with ease as the enterprise progresses.

Our multiple choice platform provides comprehensive, compliant information and unique structuring guidance for the entire business planning and due diligence process in a transparent online format only available in the patent pending Funding Roadmap, but which can be private labeled and distributed through any website. Once completed, entrepreneurs use it to present to friends and family, angels or VCs or to be discovered online by investors globally, and also serves as part of their submission for an SBA or other small business loan.

Funding Roadmap compliments business start-up curriculum and courses and business planning books, but is much more efficient, effective and user friendly than the templates and workbooks that usually come with these classes or are available online. Those alternatives require students and entrepreneurs to redo their entire plan into other formats or software like Power Point, excel, and Word to eventually create a presentable document. Then they are challenged to find investors to send or present it to while it sits on a shelf collecting dust. Then just when they get that rare opportunity to show it to an investor they realize it’s outdated and needs a major overhaul. This process is crippling innovation and access to capital for so many talented entrepreneurs with their brilliant ideas who end up on the sidelines when our country and economy desperately need them in the game, launching successful businesses and creating jobs.

Funding Roadmap’s live virtual nature is a boon to coaches, instructors, mentors, SBA, SCORE, SBDC and Chamber personnel who up ‘til now have been conduits for these templates, PDFs and how-to workbooks. These business development and counseling professionals understand the challenges of planning and funding new businesses, and welcome the flexible and confidential collaboration and application opportunities: online, over the phone or one-on-one.

We can file a patent online, we can file our taxes online, it’s time to plan a business and get access to capital online.