Entrepreneur Organizations and Social Networks

Entrepreneur Organizations and Social Networks
How much is a winning business plan, due diligence report and equal access to capital worth to your members?

Entrepreneurs, start-up innovators and small business owners are the crucial drivers of our nation’s growth and economic vitality. We understand the drive to invent the next great product, innovate the next great service, design things that have never been seen before, and come up with ideas that will change the world for the better.

We understand that for your members, failure is not an option.

We have designed the Funding Roadmap to help your members beat the odds in a tough credit environment. The average entrepreneur doesn’t have the contacts and connections it often takes to get the attention of the right individuals and investor groups. Our platform levels the playing field.
  • Every funding source requires a business plan and financial statements at some point during the application process, and old fashioned narrative based, printed business plans and applications lead to gross inefficiencies, higher rates of failure and have never been effective vehicles for this kind of disclosure.
  • Due diligence can take 3 months or longer in the average venture capital deal because too many entrepreneurs are uninformed and ill-prepared, which results in an excessive number of companies failing this process and wasting everyone’s time and money.
We provide the only online standardized multiple choice format for applying to investors and lenders and your members deserve equal access to all of them

We know what funders expect, so we’ve built our multiple choice business plan and due diligence reporting system to investor standards, safeguarding applicants from careless errors and omissions and keeping them in compliance. All the important business plan sections are included with the Funding Roadmap. The reporting system also includes detailed instructions for adding required text and helpful charts, video and graphs. We’ll even guide the applicant through the complex chore of creating required numerical summaries. The end result is a comprehensive business plan that includes thorough financial's and the entrepreneur’s own compelling business descriptions.

No matter what business your clients are in, our professional online Funding Roadmap platform is the fastest, easiest way to produce an Elevator Pitch and Video, Executive Summary, Business Plan, Due Diligence Report and GAAP compliant financial statements in a standardized format that serious investors expect. Our patent pending design carefully guides them step-by-step through each required topic.

Contact our sales department at [email protected] or 877-780-8955.
Banks, Lenders and Investors
A Funding Roadmap License provides the perfect tool for bankers and investors looking to better serve the needs of their small business customers, dramatically streamline the approval process, and enhance the funding experience.
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Cloud Features and Benefits
Funding Roadmap’s innovative technologies provide the foundation for you to deliver the solutions and services the marketplace demands and makes you stand out from your competition.
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Economic Recovery
We believe entrepreneurs in the start-up world can help drive positive change for everyone. Americans understand that entrepreneurship is the beating heart of a vibrant economy. We live in a moment when access to capital has been paralyzed by greed and fear. Funding Roadmap provides organizational innovation to help repair a broken and ineffective funding system with our revolutionary in-the-cloud technology. We can help level the playing field for access to capital once and for all, for the most important player in the real economy, the small business owner.
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