Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery
We believe entrepreneurs in the start-up world can help drive positive change for everyone. Americans understand that entrepreneurship is the beating heart of a vibrant economy. We live in a moment when access to capital has been paralyzed by greed and fear. Funding Roadmap provides organizational innovation to help repair a broken and ineffective funding system with our revolutionary in-the-cloud technology. We can help level the playing field for access to capital once and for all, for the most important player in the real economy, the small business owner.

As the US and other economies continue to look for solutions to stimulate and reboot economic activity, we have created a standardized, transparent system to accelerate the planning, credit, investing and loan approval processes for new and emerging small businesses. This makes traditional narrative based business plans, templates and software products obsolete, and takes the process of education, development, collaboration, pitching, selection, analysis, due diligence,and closing into the eco-friendly virtual world.

It is our company’s mission to encourage possible entrepreneurs from the pool of more than 30 million unemployed and under-employed Americans. Far too many are still waiting to be saved by big business. We want to help them understand that they can save themselves by starting their own businesses, and that the use of the Funding Roadmap will provide a simple confidence-building way to manifest their innovative business ideas, creating jobs and economic growth along the way for us all.

The Funding Roadmap is the first compliant online business plan and due diligence reporting system platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners built in the clouds. As a turn-key private label licensable platform, the Funding Roadmap is positioned to become the new industry standard in the world of funding new and established entrepreneurial enterprises.

We have created a revolutionary and superior product to help launch more successful businesses, get them funded faster and create more jobs than any template solution the government now currently offers across the board in any of their programs and web sites.

To achieve long term sustainable recovery and job creation, we as a nation must radically alter an ineffective business planning system that has been in place since long before the Internet was invented and is in dire need of real “Change.” By improving access to capital using new technology like ours, more new small businesses will emerge and succeed.

We encourage government bureaucracies to participate in a cooperative strategic alliance with us so that together we can put entrepreneurs into the driver’s seat so they can “startup” and follow the Funding Roadmap system to business and job creation success.
Banks, Lenders and Investors
A Funding Roadmap License provides the perfect tool for bankers and investors looking to better serve the needs of their small business customers, dramatically streamline the approval process, and enhance the funding experience.
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Cloud Features and Benefits
Funding Roadmap’s innovative technologies provide the foundation for you to deliver the solutions and services the marketplace demands and makes you stand out from your competition.
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Entrepreneur Organizations
and Social Networks
How much is a winning business plan, due diligence report and equal access to capital worth to your members? Entrepreneurs, start-up innovators and small business owners are the crucial drivers of our nation’s growth and economic vitality. We understand the drive to invent the next great product, innovate the next great service, design things that have never been seen before, and come up with ideas that will change the world for the better.
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Customization - Brand your license
The Funding Roadmap’s patent pending design, our format and standardization, can be converted to apply to the reporting requirements for any industry.
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