Business plan competitions

Education & Business Plan Competitions

Universities and business schools are educating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Since many businesses fail due to poor planning, lack of knowledge and naive expectations, we encourage entrepreneurs to increase their chances of success with a solid educational foundation.

We encourage schools and universities to use the Funding Roadmap as a standardized platform to help educate their students and replace templates and other inefficient tools that cannot provide their digital-age students with the knowledge they need in these difficult and transitional times.

There are many different kinds of entrepreneurship degrees and courses available. In particular, many entrepreneurs are turning to online college classes in order to build the skills they need. The Funding Roadmap platform is also a perfect fit for these online programs.


Business plan competitions help to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s students and entrepreneurs and we foster that spirit by providing our platform and support.

Students and contestants can “road test” their new venture concepts using the Funding Roadmap.

We are committed to helping educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and offer special programs and pricing for schools and business plan competitions.

To learn more about this program further please Contact our sales department at [email protected] or 877-780-8955
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Funding Roadmap’s innovative technologies provide the foundation for you to deliver the solutions and services the marketplace demands and makes you stand out from your competition.
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How much is a winning business plan, due diligence report and equal access to capital worth to your members? Entrepreneurs, start-up innovators and small business owners are the crucial drivers of our nation’s growth and economic vitality. We understand the drive to invent the next great product, innovate the next great service, design things that have never been seen before, and come up with ideas that will change the world for the better.
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