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Our leadership team has the expertise and experience to grow the business, execute on a multi-platform strategy and deliver superior value:

Founding Partner and Co-Creator

With over twenty five years as a successful self employed entrepreneur, Ms Hedges was a vice president and founding board member of the Woman's Culinary Alliance, and a graduate chef of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY, with an associates degree in science. After working for a year with Chef Wolfgang Puck. at the age of 20 she started her first entrepreneurial venture called Ruth Hedges Culinary Productions, the first private contract food service company catering to private schools in Bel Air California and surrounding areas for 18 years.

  • Ms Hedges was featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy as well as the New York Times, the LA times and People magazine for her work with Oxfam America and the Hollywood Hunger Banquets.
  • She was featured on ABC's Home Show, and the Financial News Network did a two part
    series on Ms Hedges for their show” American Entrepreneur”.
  • She was invited to fill a cabinet seat on the Second Century Campaign board which raised over 16 million dollars to build the new Union Rescue Mission. She is the recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for that work.Ms. Hedges was also honored with an award from the late Mayor Tom Bradley in 1989 for her work with feeding the homeless of the City of Los Angeles.

    In 1999 Ms Hedges started and developed an incubation company, helping dot com companies to properly structure their operations, write business plans, and raise venture capital. Her lifelong entrepreneurial experience was a resource many companies needed. Helping those companies became the inspiration for the idea behind the Funding Roadmap.
    Ruth E. Hedges is a founder-partner of Unismart Capital Software LLC, and creator of the” Funding Roadmap™ Electronic Business Plan and Due Diligence Reporting System.”
    It is the first fully electronic software Platform to aid in the processing of small business bank and SBA backed loans, and venture capital funding, giving entrepreneurs access and
    information in a standardized platform so they will be better prepared to follow through
    with the lengthy requirements in an easy-to-use multiple choice environment.

    Under Ms Hedges leadership Unismart Capital Software LLC forged strategic alliance
    partnerships with the SCORE “Counselors to American Small Business, and the Latin Business Association.Unismart Capital Software LLC is a member of NAGGL. Ms Hedges has demonstrated the software at LAVA, at the NAGGL conference the LBA Expo, as well as at the SBA Expo in 2005, to rave reviews. She was also interviewed on SBTV about her productat that conference .Ms Hedges has made hundreds of presentations and was a speaker at the Access to Capital program for the LBA ,and Economic Development Conference with the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce.

    Co- Founding Partner and Co-Creator

    With over twenty years of experience in investment banking, corporate venture financing, securities trading, accounting and financial analysis, Mr. Spivey has been a licensed securities partner with two investment banking firms: Osborne, Stern, & Company, Inc. of Los Angeles and the Richfield Merchant Banking Group, of Beverly Hills, the capital markets division of Richfield Securities, Inc. With primary orientation as a financier and dealmaker, Mr. Spivey has acquired a broad range of practical experience in all aspects of capital markets financing and corporate development & restructuring, acting in a hands-on capacity in executing a diverse range of financial advisory services for clients who were principally the founding executive management of emerging growth and development stage companies.

    Specific advisory and execution services performed by Mr. Spivey included the execution of private placements, public offerings, mergers & acquisitions, limited partnership offerings, venture capital placements, corporate restructuring, market making, stock promotions, credit facility placements, leverage lease and commercial finance structuring, real estate development/mortgage financing, insolvent company workouts/turnarounds, investment portfolio management and personal financial, tax & estate planning.

    In 1986 Mr. Spivey and 4 other principals co-founded Unisource Financial Group, Inc., a San Diego-based financial corporate development consulting firm and acquisition investment group that received most of most of its compensation in equity. Unisource was engaged in advising and restructuring pre- or post- IPO companies, executing IPO’s, reverse mergers and secondary public offerings, obtaining listings on NASDAQ and with credit rating organizations such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s while using the equity earned to acquire other undervalued private or publicly traded companies traded over the counter, acquire real estate and other major assets. Additionally as a publicly-traded (OTC) entity, Unisource developed newly created or acquired companies, took them public and used the shares as acquisition currency to effect various business combinations and real estate business opportunities.

    Mr. Spivey was the primary “rainmaker” among Unisource’s staff of 16 principals. He personally found and negotiated most of the deals; conducted due diligence screening; assembled, recruited and prepped management for investor reviews; composed term sheets and drafted preliminary contracts; found and matched up joint-venture affiliates; set up the proper accounting and conducted pre-audit cleanups; conducted legal reviews and conducted pre-legal and regulatory cleanups; prepared business marketing and operations plans; prepared financial statements (historic, current and pro-forma); performed and reported on business valuations; prepared due diligence reports and feasibility studies; prepared and submitted securities exemption & registration filings to the SEC and state securities regulators; structured investment financing proposals; drafted acquisition policies; etc. and has conducted the analysis, research, corporate restructuring, venture capital placements, loan and grant placements, road show planning, exchange listing facilitations, and other such services that integrates with these preparations.

    Since 1987, Unisource has been a joint-venture affiliate of the Stockbrokers Society U.S.A., an investor relations and stock promotion firm founded in 1967 by the late Robert A. Dresser who also served as a member of Unisource’s Project Review Board. The “Society” was the premier firm of its kind with 48 chapters nationwide and several international chapters, offering aftermarket support services such as post-public offering road shows made to leading stockbrokers, analysts and market makers. The Society also published the Special Situations newsletter subscribed to nationwide by 70,000 stockbrokers and licensed securities professionals including analysts. Mr. Spivey, who has been an active charter member of the Society since 1987, was an occasional columnist in this newsletter that influenced many thought leaders and trendsetters in the securities industry. Shortly before this period the Society’s clientele focus was changed to lower-middle-market firms versus its initial list of Fortune 500 companies, of which Occidental Petroleum (Armand Hammer, CEO), was the first of many such clients.

    As a charter member of the Stockbrokers Society, and an even closer affiliate through Unisource Financial Group, Mr. Spivey has chaired and hosted regular meetings and presentations on behalf of the West Coast regional chapters as well as special presentations before several newly established chapters in the Asia/Pacific Rim, coordinated presentations of public companies who were mostly Unisource clients, presented public companies to the Society as clients, recruited other top-notch stockbrokers and securities professionals into membership, and participated as a broker at the presentations to aid Society clientele in building their shareholder base, qualifying for exchange listings, retaining market makers, promoting their stock via various media, encouraging block buying from the books of fellow broker/dealer colleagues, and buying such stock for the portfolios of his own book of individual and institutional investor clients.

    Presently, Mr. Spivey is co-founding partner of Unismart Capital (a venture funding consulting firm) and Unismart Capital Software, LLC (a software solutions company, creators of the Funding Roadmap™ line featuring the Due Diligence Accelerator™.

    The extensive content, format and structure of the software is derived solely from Mr. Spivey’s lifelong knowledge and professional experience in business development; most notably, from negotiating and preparing venture funding proposals, preparing business plans and other supplemental reports including due diligence reports for the benefit of investor contacts, and prepping company principals for management reviews. He also has conducted the necessary research to ensure that this content knowledge stays updated to reflect current industry practices and guidelines, regulatory compliance and financing marketplace issues. He views this software as a remote way of delivering extensive advice he would normally render to a live client who retains Unismart’s services.

    Mr. Spivey has used his advanced fluency in Microsoft Excel (which operates on a Visual Basic Application or VBA platform) along with some basic computer programming knowledge to decide the design and layout of, and to provide software functionality to, the combined electronic report in its present workable form. Given his limitations in advanced computer programming the next step from here is to contract with professional programmers to transpose the content and functions from this Excel platform into proprietary language software, especially in respect to optimal security features and intellectual property assurances that can be offered on a network server environment.

    Joseph Phelan
    Design Generalist

    Joe Phelan is a design generalist , advisor in Unismart Capital Software LLC.
    He attended The Boston Museum School/Tufts University, and Keene Sate College. He has received Ford Foundation Arts Fellowships, and won numerous awards for excellence in design and art direction, including inclusion in a Communication Arts Annual. In addition to his print, web and identity work, he has designed and produced interactive museum exhibits as well as restaurants and a series of houses and commercial renovations. His wide-ranging client list includes Lotus Development Corp, IBM, Harvard Business School, The City of Cambridge (MA), Wang Computer, Fidelity Investments, CBS, Digital Corporation, the Gandhi Foundation, Oxfam America and the University of Vermont. Phelan has also worked as a writer, researcher and editor. In recent years he has also worked on marketing in the medical area and continues to create innovative design for new and transforming companies.

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