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Unismart Capital Software executive summary for investment in our company:


The Funding Roadmap is an electronic business plan and due diligence reporting system set to create a new industry standard in online server-based business plan reporting, and streamline the deal closing process. As we take our product to the next level we will revolutionize the way those involved in preparing and reviewing entrepreneurial-level venture financing and loan proposals, present information, search, screen, and store this information.

The Funding Roadmap was internally developed by Unismart Capital Software LLC, a financial corporate development consulting firm, for small entrepreneurial business concerns and the commercial bankers, venture capital groups and angel investors who fund them. Our software meets and exceeds the SBA’s criteria for, and supports their resolve to implement, a reporting system that incorporates electronic transmission as the wave of the future.

Here are a few of the compelling situations that inspired the creation of the Funding Roadmap for the more than 30 million potential users each year who need to create and report this information:

- Lenders/Investors with limited time for evaluating new prospects are inundated with poorly structured loan presentations and need the ability to search for industry specific investments based on very specific criteria and to instantly review online using the Funding Roadmap application.

- So many plans to review but so little time to do it results in fewer prospects getting reviewed and great ideas falling through the cracks.

- Due diligence can take 3 months or longer in the average venture capital deal because too many entrepreneurs are uninformed and ill-prepared, which results in an excessive amount of companies failing this process and wasting everyone's time and money.

- In light of the recent collapse of the sub-prime mortgage industry, one can understand how the lack of effective applicant screening and accurate due diligence in traditionally structured printed business plans and applications lead to gross inefficiencies and higher rates of failure.

- Even though our society over the past 40 years has adopted the traditional business plan as the required reporting system, no one has ever demonstrated its genuine efficacy and complaints have been expressed from both sides of the process to no avail, until now.

- The amazing success and value of social utility/networking websites like Facebook and MySpace confirm how harnessing that power through mass distribution of the Funding Roadmap, available free to the business community worldwide in a secure and confidential environment, could grow to be the largest database of unique business ideas, and the new epicenter of the funding world.


The Funding Roadmap is an automated, self-service form, where remote applicants can use advisory-level software that we developed to assist in assimilating all of their presentational information in one uniform and easy-to-index report. The Funding Roadmap is presented in a highly optimized multiple choice questionnaire format with drop-down menus (for the possible answers); electronic navigational tools enabling quick indexing, problem correction alarms and formulated auto-entries to prevent the occasion of calculation errors.

The Funding Roadmap offers compliance answer guides, speedy navigation and sophisticated due diligence and analysis capabilities as well as state-of-the-art screening. These features aren't possible in traditional paper or electronic business plans and executive summaries, know matter how well written or thought out.


Presently our software is built on a Microsoft Excel platform and we plan to reprogram it as an online system application to be licensed to banks and other financial and investment institutions, as well as build our own funding networking database website. Our online version will include criteria and specific target search elements. The banker and venture capital screener will be able to specify exactly what type of investment they're looking for in great detail, whereby the search will showcase only Funding Roadmap reports for review to meet those specifications with greater ease and speed.

We are ready to create versions of The Funding Roadmap for Asian and European markets, as well as a Spanish language version. All versions will be cross-translatable for review in English. We also envision versions adapted to industry-specific and type-of-transaction customizations such as mergers & acquisitions, business purchases, real estate purchases, etc. Our plan is to secure patent protections, execute our marketing plan, fulfill advantageous relationships and interest already expressed, and become the new industry standard for business plan reporting.

FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: If you are interested in investing in Unismart Capital LLC. Please contact Ruth E. Hedges at 213-276-6266 or e-mail us at [email protected] and we will be glad to provide you with all of this information.

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