The online banking/institutional platform and licensing program

Funding Roadmap will be licensed to banks and other funding institutions with existing online banking capabilities. …the online banking function will allow loan officers to collaborate with, and in some cases mentor entrepreneurs to create viable business situations. Loan applications can be fast tracked, with due diligence screening going on even before the plan is made final. The advantage to bankers is obvious: rapid rises in efficiency, productivity and reliability.

Funding Roadmap Advantages

-The Search Advantage: Our new social/deal-making network will enable venture capitalists, angel investors, and investment bankers, any and all funding sources to search quality deals that match their criteria, including stage, investment size, and geographic preferences from anywhere in the world, even down to the universities the principals graduated (or dropped out) from.

-Build it once and they will come: Entrepreneurs will only have to build their business plan and due diligence report once. They will not to have to repeat the application process dozens of times to get access to the investor community. Interested investors will come to the entrepreneur.

-Standardized and Streamlined: Funding Roadmap new platform will streamline the lending and/or funding process and provide a standardized application and due diligence screening process.

- Language Flexibility: We will create versions of The Funding Roadmap for Asian and European markets, as well as a Spanish language version. All available for review in English, automatically.

-Access and Evolution; Once a user transfers the information from an old business plan to the Funding Roadmap platform, the old plan can go to the recycling center. A plan is only useful if it's being achieved. To achieve it, an entrepreneurial team as well as potential investors can gain immeasurable advantage with Funding Roadmap's online access and feedback process.

-Real-time collaboration: Funding Roadmap is designed to incorporate regular updates as opportunities change and ideas are refined. Whether you're in the same room or across the world, the FR platform allows for real-time collaboration to get a business up and running and on track for success.

FR2.0's unique features and benefits

-Funding Roadmap allows for very quick screening of large numbers of funding prospects, and contains sophisticated analysis reports most suitable for review quickly by (VC and Angel investors, PEGS, IBS, Banks, etc).

-Speeds data processes, enabling improved customer loan approval response times.

- It replaces costly paper-based work flows into an electronic platform with GAAP compliant financial statements that an entire organization can review electronically online from anywhere in the world.

- Allows banks and other funding sources to store searchable volumes of standardized business plans and financial statements into accessible electronic files on their own servers for quick and easy retrieval.

Our design and content meet structure and disclosure compliance requirements for due diligence. This includes a careful assessment of the management team, the business model, the value proposition, the distribution strategy, the intellectual property, the financial strategy and capital requirements, and the legal structure and records of the company, to name just a few. We believe that starting the due diligence process from the beginning should make business owners more aware of their competitive posture and matters of compliance and disclosure, which might otherwise cause them to falter if not addressed early on in their development.

Funding Roadmap: Causes and Effects

-There are more than 30 million potential users( in this country alone) each year who need to create and report this information.

- Lenders/Investors with limited time for evaluating new prospects are inundated with poorly structured loan presentations and need the ability to search for industry specific investments based on very specific criteria and to instantly review online using the Funding Roadmap application.

- With so many plans to review, and so little time, fewer prospects are reviewed and great ideas fall through the cracks.

- The average entrepreneur doesn't have the contacts and connections it sometimes takes to get the attention of the right investor groups. Our platform levels the playing field.

-Every funding source requires a business plan and financial statements at some point during the process and old fashioned narrative based structured printed business plans and applications lead to gross inefficiencies and higher rates of failure and have never been the right product for this kind of disclosure.

- Due diligence can take 3 months or longer in the average venture capital deal because too many entrepreneurs are uninformed and ill-prepared, which results in an excessive number of companies failing this process and wasting everyone's time and money.

- Even though our society over the past 40 years has adopted the traditional business plan as the required reporting system, no one has ever demonstrated its genuine efficacy and complaints have been expressed from both sides of the process to no avail until now.

Advantages to Investors & Venture Capitalists

You will be able to search for the next great business idea and access their plan at any time online.Once you select which company to view you will be able to communicate directly with the entrepreneur for access to their platform. Cut your due diligence time in half.
You determine which sections are important to review and every single company has the same format. Be aware of potential problems well before they escalate
• No more chasing companies for reports and lacking detail
• Be actively involved in setting and monitoring goals and keep a record of conversations
We will use bank-level data security for data storage.

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