As a children's multi-media entertainment company
OR&CO brings books to life for the young and the young at heart.

Ocean Rudee & Company/OR&CO is a character-based broadcast and multi-media intellectual property. In the kids' entertainment world a successful company is built upon the quality, integrity, safety, security and lovability of their ‘brand’. If you think - Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, or Walt Disney - you'll be thinking about companies targeted to the same primary audience demographic as OR&CO.
(see OR&CO Executive Summary)

These days, concerns about reading, literacy, early childhood education issues and kids’ multi-media usage patterns continue to dominate our national conversation. A recent Wall Street Journal article: “If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online” summarized the findings from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s latest look at the multi-media usage patterns of children. The study: “Generation M2 – Media in the Lives of 8 to 18-year Olds” is based on a survey of more than 2,000 students in grades 3 to 12 that was conducted from October 2008 to May 2009. Their published findings found among other things that:

“…children ages 8 to 18 spend more than seven and a half hours a day with such devices, compared with less than six and a half hours five years ago, when the study was last conducted. And that does not count the hour and a half that youths spend texting, or the half-hour they talk on their cell phones.”
When you combine these issues together with a young parent's desire to provide their child with multi-media programming content of the highest quality and value - you've just set the stage for OR&CO's entrance into the marketplace.
(see Appendix C – What’s To Say About OR&CO)

OR&CO’s products are targeted to children between the ages of 4 and 8, as well as their 25 to 54-year old parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers, significant others and care-givers. Our plans are to produce a variety of multi-media programming including: a nationally syndicated weekly 1/2-hour audio theatre and/or animated television show; a line of 'Talking Books' (we call them 'Ocean Rudee Imagination Travel Kits'); an interactive web site environment; educational curriculum materials; and, a wide ranging number of licensed consumer goods
(see Appendix H – Interactive Audio Theatre Sample Library).

Ocean Rudee is a mythical - and yet surprisingly very real, lively and lovable - Lighthouse Keeper. He lives, “Way out on a windswept seacoast..." and in a nearby Village lives the rest of the Ocean Rudee & Company Crew including: Barnacle Babs, Cap'n Whaley, SalliJane Peters, Gus Logan, Angelica Garcia, Koichi Tojima and many more.
(see Appendix A – Meet the Ocean Rudee Crew)

Ocean Rudee is also a storyteller and when he reads books the stories come to life and his audience is taken Imagination Travelin' through some of the best children's literature in the world.
(see Appendix E – Ocean Rudee’s FAVs Book List)

The creative and management teams assembled behind these initiatives could not be any finer, more talented or more committed. There are close to 75 people behind the scenes - including creative, business, legal, technical and educational specialists - all ready to go to work on the next stage of Ocean Rudee & Company's evolution.
(see Appendix D – The Management and Creative Teams of OR&CO)

The media markets OR&CO is targeted toward generate annual sales revenues in the multi-billions of dollars. Within just a few years after roll-out - Ocean Rudee & Company's bottom line will be quite substantial indeed.

Start-up capital requirements for the first 12 to 18-months of operations are fixed at $3.5M in equity-based investment capital (in exchange for no more than 40% of the new corporation’s ownership interest). Positive cash flows will be realized after that point in OR&CO's business cycle (see page 2 of Appendix K – Financial Reports).

As determined by OR&CO Management, an investor may achieve a projected 6.6 times return in 5-years, which implies a 46% IRR. This return calculation is based on the EBITDA ($11.7MM) in Year 5 multiplied by an EBITDA Multiple of 7.0, which is then discounted by 30% (see page 2 of Appendix K – Financial Reports).

Interested investors are encouraged to contact:

Paul Ennis
[email protected]

Securities Disclaimer: None of the documents referenced herein are intending to sell, nor offering to sell,
any form of security, stock or investment interest. What is being presented for review are conceptual
business plans for a new company based in Sebastopol, California, USA,
which will require investment funds in order to begin operations.