No opinion matters more than the opinion of 20 random people.  Simply upload your photo(s), ask a question and instantly get high-quality feedback from anonymous advisers from your mobile device.  Participate as an adviser, opinion requester or both.

Users can register instantly through the application and immediately be able to request advice or give an opinion.  

Ego Check is currently available in the Android marketplace.  iPhone, Facebook and Web applications will be rolled out following the initial Android launch.

Ego Check is unique in it’s market in that the value comes from the expertise of response and the timeliness of the answer.  Ego Check is fundamentally different than the “Rate how I look”  sites currently in the market that allow for a numerical rating and nothing else.  Ego Check is fundamentally different than the “Post a Question” sites because of the immediate feedback, the anonymity and the mobile power of the Ego Check community.  Users will be willing to pay a small fee for the immediate return of “high-quality” opinions from the desired demographic group.

The site will target men with women respondents but will be open to any choice of expert across demographic choices. Women (the target advisers) will want to rate men’s pictures and questions as a result of their innate desire to give this type of feedback.  This will be reinforced by the site’s incentive structure, anonymity and ease of use.  

The value to the users of this site is in:
  • ease of use
  • immediate response
  • anonymity
  • targeted demographics
  • multiple responses
  • open response categories
  • “expertise”, in addition to rating and validation

Revenue Model
The application will be available free, giving opinions will be free, and a limited number of “chk me” requests will be free.  During the launch period, requests for opinions will be free for a limited time. Customers desiring more use and premium offerings will do so with a monthly subscription.  Affiliate marketing revenue will also be earned by serving as both a publisher and advertiser.