Experience Fundingroadmap’s reinvention of the traditional business plan/template. See how you can develop and present your proposals with integrated video streaming, online social media marketplace, disaster protection and due diligence on the cloud. Now entrepreneurs, investors and lenders can easily and more effectively plan,collaborate, share, evaluate and fund the ideas that will build the future.
Attract the most votes for your project during the weekend and your team will win a $250 cash prize from Fundingroadmap Just have the most votes on the Fundingroadmap Marketplace by Sunday evening!
See examples here:
On Sunday night we'll hand out the prize to the winning team!
We’re here all weekend so don't hesitate to ask for help!
What to do: 1. Each team determines (or creates) an e-mail account for the project that we’ll use to register your team's free Fundingroadmap account. You provide us with that e-mail address and we’ll set up an account for your team, and then send you your login and password. You’ll login here: https://www.fundingroadmap.com/webapp/login.php
2. As your team’s idea develops, write a one or two paragraph summary to post on the executive summary section inside your Fundingroadmap.
3. Using the video camera on your computer or phone, record an elevator pitch, or a short interview explaining your idea, each team member intros if desired, and post it on youtube.com or other video streaming site -then copy and paste the code into the video platform inside your Fundingroadmap on the executive summary page.
4. Then post the Project Summary and video to the marketplace, using the Publish button on the top tool bar inside your fundingroadmap account.
5. Once it’s up, alert your friends, followers, and fans on your social media marketing sites and ask them to look at your presentation and vote for your team’s idea. Use SWVEGAS and the name of your idea as part of the postings listing.
6. Update your Marketplace posting during the weekend as you wish and make it even more exciting!
We’ll be tweeting all weekend about your ideas to our more than 40,000 Twitter followers
on @startupsmap and @fundingroadmap, encouraging them to vote as well.
Beyond the contest, using the entire Fundingroadmap business plan and due diligence reporting system will allow you to easily expand upon all of the elements and steps your team will need to consider as you develop your business.