Edu-Labs Global Learning Systems is a Thailand-based content, applications and programs developer of e-Learning modules (web-based online and offline educational tools for teaching, learning, instruction,  training, re-training, certification, re-certification, production and tutoring); with a specific focus in "Just-IN"-Time". e-Learning. 

The Company currently features as its’ core content delivery platform a Google Android powered IPAD type tablet device called “The K.E.W.L. PAD" (Kids Edutained With Love). The Edu-Labs tablet offerings are pre-bundled with Edutainment content, applications and programs  (who says that learning can't be fun, engaging and effective at the same time) suitable for children and teens in grades K-12 and higher learning students further described as follows.

The company’s product/service offering has been developed by leading experts in the areas of Education-Technology-Content Development & Production-Publishing-Life Skills-Business and Entertainment. Its unique and innovative educational platform combines the world’s most innovative and comprehensive learning system in one turn-key package that includes; customized I-PAD-type tablet devices powered by the Google Android operating system with proprietary certified K-12 content from global K-12 educational content leaders (www.learning.com and www.educomp.com) that covers all primary academic subject matter areas (i.e. Math-Science-English-Reading-History-Technology-Life Skills) as well as content from higher learning content developers.  

Among other features for K-12 learners, the K.E.W.L. PAD also includes Web 2.0 learning tools from the global online educational community leader (ePals.com), hundred's of phonics-based modules in reading and spelling from www.clicknkids.com, and top online English Language instruction from EyeSpeak.  This content is all housed within the safest protected online environment found in the world to protect children-youth and teens known as the L.E.A.P. Safe Zone.

Edu-Labs K-12 members learn from real-world information and knowledge from e-learning modules that are rich and fun yet educational and interactive.  They must sign a pledge to stay drug-free and gang-free, complete from the Edu-Labs Global “Knowledge Bank” which is a mandatory minimum of one (1) e-Learning module per week, do community service for a minimum of one day a month and keep their grades up to par to maintain a valid access status.

The product/service mix is very high in demand and the need for it is the first part of the company’s life-long learning strategy that will best prepare children and teens for a safe and successful life.

Edu-Labs unique and innovative business model that combines both the hardware device with proprietary youth friendly educational and entertainment software programs-applications-content in a safe “Cloud-Based” environment is well positioned to become the “must have” personal access device for home, school, work or play!

This device can be used to manage every aspect of their digital lives where electronics and information can be controlled from a centralized “cloud-Based” unit.

The Company has a sound marketing plan and approach via their exploitation of existing relationships with key players in the field of education, technology, entertainment, business, social-networking and e-learning.  

Edu-labs has already lined up exclusive deals with several local, national and International governments and quasi-governmental educational departmental/agencies to ensure the sales and distribution of Edu-Labs ' much needed and wanted innovative e-learning system throughout school districts covering thousands of schools (Private-International-Charter and Public) and several million children and teens. 

As an investment opportunity, the financial feasibility is provable and the cost-return analysis makes prudent financial sense.  The revenue-cost structure provides that the K.E.W.L. Pad in factory finished form (before adding content) will cost $150 per unit, and after adding content to convert it into a “turn-key” K-12 e-Learning platform will cost another $60 bringing the total cost per unit to $210.  The company plans to retail each unit for $350 creating a gross margin dollar amount of $140 per unit.  There are other peripheral revenue-cost centers associated with this business including e-commerce opportunities for related products & services , proprietary and 3rd party content and applications sales and advertising & sponsorship revenue from placements within the modules themselves for appropriate sponsors wishing to expose their wares to the K-12 global marketplace.  

Research data from respected global leaders IDC-Gartner and Forrester respectively, show that 20 million tablets were sold in 2010 generating $16 billion in global revenues …..70 million tablets are predicted to be sold in 2011 generating an estimated $50 billion plus in global revenues…….140 million units are predicted to be sold in 2012 generating an estimated $100 billion plus in global revenues……200 million tablets are expected to be sold by 2014 generating an estimated $700 billion plus in global revenues and the trend is not expected to slow down any time in the foreseeable future! Out of this, Apple’s IPAD will only account for about 35% of all total global sales 

   Another interesting and telling statistic……..99.7% of People Still Haven't Bought A Tablet Yet.       

Because of its’ innovative and powerful business model of combining a top of the line tablet device with high quality Educational content, applications and programs, while keeping the price affordable; the company is well positioned to dominate the Educational and youth areas of the $100 billion plus  global tablet market, starting with the U.S., China, Russia and Thailand markets respectively.

Once the company has reached one-million tablet unit sales (estimated to take between 8-12 months from official product launch), it plans to secure a listing on the Thai Stock Exchange (The Stock Exchange of Thailand or S.E.T.) as well as a dual listing on the Japanese Stock Exchange taking full advantage of a new business agreement (March 2011) between Thailand and Japan which seamlessly allows for dual listings on each others' stock exchanges.

The company has already secured a special status with the Thai Department of Commerce (BOI or Board Of Investment status), whereas it is exempt from business or personal taxes for a period of 8 calendar years.

Due to the company’s innovative business model, whereas it has multiple and automatically triggered revenue streams built into each unit sold, making it non-dependent upon generating the bulk of its revenues from hardware sales, as well as a generous revenue sharing program with its educational partners (including schools-churches-learning centers-Internet Café’-Governments-Community groups and organizations etc.), it is well positioned to also keep the price of its tablet device lower than it’s competitors without compromising on the features or quality of its tablets and subsequently its Smartphones which the company will roll-out as a phase 2 marketing and sales strategy taking advantage of the global network that it has already developed via its tablet sales.

Google Android powered Tablets and “cloud-Based” education features "Best of Bred" products-services-applications and content; together they form the perfect union called the K.E.W.L. PAD. There is no better time to invest or a better opportunity to invest in!