Childcare Media LLC was established to publish pediatric and family healthcare information for parents and caregivers. Based on the practice and philosophy of Jay Gordon M.D., Childcare Media will produce website content, mobile applications, dvd presentations, lectures and seminars, books and newsletters. Additionally, we intend to produce and distribute consumables for the pediatric marketplace, such as, vitamins, supplements, baby accessories and clothing etc. Our goal is to meet the needs of people who are seeking answers and solutions with a holistic point of view to a broad range of childcare and medical issues. We are developing our core product, “The Well Loved Baby”, an educational series for the Internet and rich media mobile devices that provides a comprehensive overview of childcare and nurturing from pre-natal to early childhood.

Four million babies are born every year in the U.S. alone and at the same time access to quality healthcare has diminished. Medical practice has become more standardized and constrained as managed care has become the predominant delivery system. As a result there are fewer doctors with less time providing limited guidance and fewer choices to their patients.

At no other time in our lives do we become more concerned, more proactive, and more open to new ideas than at the birth and early stages of our children’s lives. Dr. Gordon believes in empowering his patients with information and ‘other answers’ to healthcare options. With this knowledge they are able to make the best choices for their individual child and family. “The Well Loved Baby” will provide 20 hours of in-depth rich media information and discussion on the issues that parents are challenged by on a daily basis. It will be like having ‘24/7’ access to one of the most respected pediatricians in the country.

We believe the most under served market segment with the greatest potential is new parents, individuals and couples having their first child.

People in this category have an insatiable need for information to support their entry into this new phase in their life. Unfortunately, with only 3 to 6 months to prepare for the birth of their first child, most couples allocate a majority of their time preparing for the Birth process and find precious little time to gather knowledge and training on the care and nurturing of their newborn infant. Although baby books and guides are readily available most people never get around to reading them before the birth. After the birth a great majority of people have difficulty reading these books due to lack of time and fatigue.

All to often they find themselves dependent on friends or relatives for advice and at the mercy of pediatricians who are unable or unwilling to take the time and effort to educate and support these new parents. While nursing their newborn infant, while lying in bed after a long-day, while folding the laundry or preparing a meal---parents can view and consult on their mobile devices. With tables of contents and indices they can quickly gain access to in-depth information about any particular issue they may be facing or simply watch entire segments of the program at a more leisurely pace to gain a better understanding of the needs and developmental stages of their new child. The "Well Loved" series will be accompanied by a comprehensive collection of guidebooks with a similar organizational structure, generous illustrations and an 'easy-to-use' look and feel. It will be like having a house-call from their very own pediatrician. This primary segment/entry level group will become loyal subscribers/consumers of all subsequent products we distribute. As our reputation grows and awareness of the value of our products is understood we will easily gain acceptance into the later-stage segments of our market who may not have had exposure earlier on. This group presents a different set of needs and will be marketed to accordingly…

Through the aforementioned multiple distribution channels, the primary objective of the company is to produce and publish educational media on interactive on mobile devices, dvds, print and through our interactive web-site, as well as, produce and distribute vitamin/supplement products and other consumables targeted for the pediatric marketplace. Our territories include all of the United States along with all other English and Spanish speaking countries. Our distribution outlets will include direct sales through our web-based superstore (e-commerce sites), retail distribution partnerships with bookstores, baby stores, etc, catalog sales. Our marketing channels include direct mailing, display advertising in family and child oriented publications, speaking engagements, cross-marketing, joint ventures, strategic alliances, e-mail newsletters, search engine optimization and conventional broadcast media.

Based on the practices and philosophy of Dr. Jay Gordon and the "Well Loved" brand, these family of media products will increase peoples awareness of personal and family healthcare issues particularly related to the care and nurturing of children from pre-natal through teens. Some of the benefits to our consumers include optimizing relationships with their current health practitioners, decreasing the need for unnecessary visits, and engendering greater understanding of and support for the needs of our children.