This executive summary describes The Internship Consortiumís goals, engagement strategy and services.





TIC is a talent and development firm specializing in assessing and organizing the talent pool within a region to provide workforce solutions to local companies.  As the modern business environment evolves to include the work models of the Gen Y population, it is critical that companies continue to institute processes that provide for smooth entry of new promising talent into their current operations. Unlike many of the other consortiums that simply provide an open market place for all prospective students, TIC SEEKS, UNCOVERS, and ENGAGES talented pre-professionals in a  region and continually manages the  relationship between the intern and the company, providing a simple hassle-free process to access and retain the best and brightest in the area.


The Goal of the Internship Consortium  is to see cities flourishWe want to help cities that have historically suffered from industry loss, lack of investment or low education attainment levels.  TIC also wants to support developed city centers by clarifying and identifying their talent pool amongst the pre-professional population within their region. The Internship Consortium not only builds businesses but also creates lasting economic value for a region, opening opportunities for population growth and diversification.





TIC engages members by:

         Partnering with municipalities to engage the whole region, building economies of scale

         Connecting with individual companies to understand their workforce needs, provide planned solutions and implement programs that succeed.

         Engaging students through value propositions, training and skill support, network enhancement, and concrete job opportunities.

         Working with Universities to create sustainable pipeline programs of merit.


The Internship Consortium works at 4 levels:


1.      City Level-

         TIC partners with municipalities to leverage support and relationships,

         Provides talent labor market data on the regional population,

         Supports large scale press and marketing strategies.


2.      Company level-

         TIC assesses companiesí workforce needs and provides managed one-point access to a general or specific talent population.

         Manages the various work scopes and all compliance issues.

         Creates susbstantive and tailored program solutions, as well as training and content for company HR.


3.      Students Level-

         TIC provides valuable employment opportunities where students can utilize their specific skills and offer valued contributions. 

         The Internship Consortium performs skills assessments and provides continual career guidance.

         Through TIC, students have access to a national network of talented people, as well as relevant industry training and career content.


4.      University Level-

         The Internship Consortium increases the visibility of universitiesí specialty programs to companies.

         TIC provides training and content to university staff. 

         Ensures quality control for internship/employment requirements.

         Compiles and presents data on TIC placements and experiences.

         Provides program consulting to build robust internship, fellowship and pipeline programs.



Once a student, company or university becomes a member they have access to The Internship Consortium Web Portal. The portal will utilize the Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute software with a TIC cover skin and customization. TICís goal is to license imentor interactive matching database which will make high level customized matching algorithms to identify company/intern placements.   The portal will be a highly effective and dynamic data management system which will reduce time and overhead and increase matching