Funding Roadmap replaces static business plans with an instantly sharable, simple to use, eco-friendly online platform:

Simple Standardized Design - Present your business plan to investors and lenders in a simple and easy-to-read format that’s SBA and GAAP compliant.

Collaborate with professionals and partners - Share and build your Fundingroadmap in an easy multiple choice format with your co-workers,

advisors and mentors to receive advice and refine the plan anytime from anywhere.

Enrich your story - Easily embed a video, pictures and drawings in PDF to tell a fuller story.

Communicate on all fronts! - Share and broadcast your listing from our marketplace via Twitter and Facebook and gather votes and attention. Tweet it, Like it, Share it.

Social media integration - Within the reporting system with Twitter and Facebook: gives investors and lenders a context to your story in real-time even on a smart phone or tablet. Have access to everything you will need to present wherever you may meet.

Be reachable -Secure reviewer login system stores all your contact info in one secure place so investors and lenders know how to contact you and you control who has access to your report.

Easy to consume - Your Fundingroadmap is divided into separate sections (including

Business Plan, Due Diligence and Numerical Summaries) where questions are hyper-linked to the relevant answers right away so investors and lenders can make a decision faster.

Get your idea in the spotlight! Increase your online exposure by posting on our virtual Dealflow Marketplace -expand your access and pitch to a world of potential investors, and lenders.

Your Dealflow -  Give investors and lenders access to a complete and accurate report and “Get funded faster.”

Disaster Resistant - Cloud-based storage allows for instant access to relevant documents for FEMA assistance or insurance claims.