The awesome destruction of the Japanese quake reminds us once again that natural disasters can strike at any time. As Katrina made so clear, small business owners are vulnerable to the loss of critical information needed to apply for FEMA and SBA backed disaster loans. The Funding Roadmap provides instant access to this data on the cloud. The need to painstakingly reconstruct lost information slows the rebuilding process, sometimes by years. Savvy entrepreneurs and consultants can now utilize this technology to remove these this obstacles.

We have no influence over Mother Nature but we do have the ability to diminish the amount of pain and suffering that follows in the aftermath of her wrath. When time is of essence and deadlines loom to return applications for recovery dollars, the Funding Roadmap can help speed access to capital quickly and assure the long term survival of vulnerable small businesses. Funding Roadmap securely stores every necessary fact and document for instant access by SBA and FEMA reviewers, to fast track the funding process.

Please watch the linked video and see how easy it is to take advantage of this crucial technology.

View mini-webinar video:

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