A Call to Action!

Join our campaign to create a national investment exchange to invest in  American entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation!

We Americans currently have 3.7 trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines in money market accounts.

Our society should encourage investment in entrepreneurs and innovation in every way possible and provide a fast track system to launch viable new ventures. The road blocks that for too long have prevented access to capital to create sustainable new businesses should be removed.

The 27 million small businesses that constitute the main engine of our economy should be recognized as an entity that’s “too big to fail.” Their high failure rate threatens the survival of our families and communities more profoundly than the banks and insurance companies that have been recently bailed out. Small businesses and start-ups deserve at least the same concern and the same ready flow of capital as the investment banks.

We can no longer wait for conventional forms of capitalization, i.e. small business loans, angel and venture capital, etc., to unfreeze. We are asking you to join us in a national campaign to encourage private investors to power a resurgence of small business in America by backing the creation of new ventures in a new way.

Now is the time to create a virtual marketplace or private investment exchange where entrepreneurs and investors can find each other to make sound, transparent investments in start-ups and small businesses. Such an exchange can itself be transparent in that, like recovery.gov, anyone can view its effectiveness and performance. But unlike  recovery.gov the money invested in the private investment exchange will be  from Americans’  trillions of potential investment dollars now sitting on the sidelines, with a cap on the size of their investments to limit risk.

Using a virtual reporting system such as the Funding Roadmap will provide our society an opportunity to facilitate and encourage sound investment in small businesses like never before, leveling the playing field for access to capital, and helping to create millions of new businesses and jobs. We want to bring ideas and real solutions to bear on our current economic problems, and believe the Funding Roadmap will revolutionize the way small businesses are financed.

Entrepreneurs have always spurred the successive technological revolutions that have driven economic growth. Entrepreneurship is the essence of the free enterprise system because the creation of new businesses gives a market economy its forward momentum. According to a study from the Kauffman Foundation, companies less than five years old have created all net new jobs in the United States since 1980. We need to carefully nurture and revitalize this great job creating machine.
We want to hear from you. Help us get the message out that “millions of very talented people are ready to take on the responsibility of starting new ventures and collaborating with other Americans to create the millions of jobs we so desperately need -if they could just get access to capital.”

How to get involved:

Go to http://www.fundingroadmap.com/marketplace.php Leave a free post with a business idea you have that you would act upon and commit to if you could have access to the funding from this private exchange. List the amount of funding you would need to execute on your part of the American Dream. Or if you know of someone else’s idea that you’d want to partner with, participate in, or help fund, send them a message.

There is power in numbers. If the funding process is changed to broaden access to capital, we will change the results and lead ourselves out of this recession and back into prosperity.


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